Jana Marlene Lippert               


Every day we use clothes, jewellery, and accessories to express ourselves. When an injury occurs, we are sometimes forced to wear a medical implement over a longer period of time.
Our self-design is thus thrown out of balance because we are wearing an object that communicates only one message to the world : I am ill !
This project is closely tied to the body. Using 3D-livescan technology, a blank brace is virtually fitted to the affected body and then pressed using incremental sheet metal forming.
The precise fit to the body, the material brass, as well as its metallic surface speak of its quality and overlaps with the world of jewellery-like objects.
The goal is not to conceal the injury but to give its wearers the possibility to integrate it as a decorative object into their own style.

In collaboration with the Fraunhofer IWU
Exhibited during DMY Berlin 2013 with MetalScapes
DMY Education Award for MetalScapes
Exhibited during Bratislava Design Week from 17. to 22. of September 2013 with MetalScapes
Exhibited at IMM Cologne 2014 with MetalScapes

Photocredits to Eva Lechner, Heiko Rintelen & Julian Faust


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