Jana Marlene Lippert               


The Oneiri Collection

M.A. Diploma

The Oneiri collection is a set of room dividers to be placed around the bed.
Creating a calm space to fall asleep and wake up in, they are based on my thesis about the history and sociology of sleep and bedrooms.
The different colours and patterns printed on two layers of silk create a soothing environment in the evening, and the notion of sunrise in the morning.
The different pieces aim to block out visual noise, support the creation of rituals and give a feeling of cozyness.
The collection encourages a positive and natural view on sleep; that it should be enjoyed rather than problematized or managed.
Since the feeling and need for privacy and space is subjective, I created a collection of pieces to choose from. The round room divider is inspired by a hand fan, mainly shielding the direct gaze and head area.
The standing screens create a membrane that serves as a wall between the bed/sleeping area and the rest of the space and the hanging piece is inspired by canopy beds and childrens dens, providing a more cave-like feeling.

I looked into historical examples of sleeping spaces and did extensive research on fabrics, layering and pattern creation.

Photocredits: Simone Sandhal


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